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5 Reasons Why People Thrive in a Coworking Environment

The coworking industry has seen a rise in popularity these past few years, with 62% of the millennial generation already working in a shared office environment [1] and it's even thought that by 2030, 30% of offices will be based on a coworking model [2]. The global Covid-19 Lockdown has provided the perfect testing ground for flexible working and now it's official - the benefits of Coworking on your productivity and wellbeing is proven. No wonder coworking is becoming so popular! In this post, I'm going to share with you the 5 main reasons why people thrive in a coworking environment.

1. Community + Networking

It's no secret that much like other creative communities, coworking attracts like-minded people. Whether you're a regular at a space or just passing through as a 'Digital Nomad', there is always a wildly creative and diverse space to share successes and create valuable connections.

Remember - these are people you wouldn't have met otherwise, and in every new person there is an opportunity for soundingboard your newest idea, or even a chance to collaborate on a project. The coworking mindset is that of inclusiveness and sharing. I've personally found that it's refreshing to be in a mutual bubble of concentration with so many different ideas, projects and elaborate conversations happening around me.

2. Reduced loneliness + Quality interactions

After the events of this pandemic, it's safe to say that more people than ever have experienced working from home. It works great for some...but not so great for others. Kids running around, slow wifi and the ever-enticing sofa are some of the main drains on focus and productivity. But what about loneliness? For the person who thrived on a Monday to Friday routine that involved an early commute to a workplace every day, maybe a gym session with your PT and a great coffee at their favourite cafe on the way, followed by a predictable and structured day culminating in after-work drinks, working from home for prolonged periods can be very lonely indeed.

Of course for many thousands of people, Covid wasn't the driver that led them to make the change to flexible working. A change of circumstance, a decision to go freelance or finally start the business they've been dreaming of - however they get there, many are learning that joining a coworking space is a really positive way to boost productivity and increase the quality of your daily social interactions.

3. Flexible hours + Cost efficiency

With the number of coworking spaces worldwide on the steady increase, flexible working gives you wings! Some coworking chains provide membership options with unfettered access to plug in at any time and in many locations. Convenience is another obvious factor, alongside reliable wifi and free-flow tea and coffee! As well as this being a benefit from a freelance or employee perspective, it enables employers to hire the most skilled staff, regardless of their location, whilst also reducing the possibility of them feeling detached.

The flexibility that a coworking space offers can also be crucial for companies in need of expanding and comes without the tether of a long-term lease agreement. In addition to this, it means you only pay for what you need, when you need it, which is far friendlier on cost!

4. Less stress + Enhanced productivity

Generally speaking, coworking spaces are designed with productivity in mind. There's often a mix of comfortable common spaces, private offices, casual hotdesking and meeting rooms available to hand so you're sorted for all your needs. Here at Space Coworking, we offer rentable private offices, fixed desks, hotdesking, bookable meeting rooms and conference spaces- all with a range of different options available to be flexible and convenient to the customer.

From the diverse mix of people we've had come in and out of our space, and from coworking myself, I feel the vibe is that of energized yet mutual focus. Lots of natural light, soft background music, casual decor and being surrounded by other people working makes for a comfy and refreshing workspace- minus the distractions you'd get at home!

5. It's great for mental wellbeing!

There are very few of us that thrive from being couped up in unproductive work environments and it's no surprise that people working remotely often feel removed and disconnected from their business or colleagues. Especially as we're coming out of this pandemic and quickly into a growing mental health epidemic, it's crucial that we have places we can escape to, people to talk with and supportive systems around us - regardless if they're work-related or not.

I personally feel (and I know others would concur) that using a coworking space and increasing not only the quantity but the quality of my social interactions has been hugely beneficial to both the standard of my work and my mental wellbeing. It's easy to settle into a place like this and as you become a regular, you start to feel the warm sense of community... and end up meeting some pretty cool people whilst you're at it!

To conclude...

Whether you're stuck at your kitchen table, in a busy cafe somewhere or using the 1-hour of free wifi at your hotel - I'd urge anyone to step out of their comfort zone and give coworking a go. The format won't work for everyone but if any of what has been outlined in this post appeals to you... why not book a Hotdesk at your local coworking space one day this week and then let us know how you got on? We'd love to hear about your experiences!

If you want to learn more about what our little boutique space in the beautiful Cinque Ports Town of Rye, East Sussex has to offer, head to the 'Workspace' section of this website. Alternatively, get in touch and we'd be happy to answer your questions!

by Elise Garner, Apprentice Community Assistant @ Space Coworking, Rye.

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