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COVID-19 Response

Health & Safety Protocol

Updated 19th July 2021

'Freedom Day' hasn't changed our approach and the health, safety, and well-being of our community members.  It remains a core value of Space Coworking. We will review and update our Health and Safety protocols as and when guidance from the Government​ is updated and ensure our very best endeavours for a COVID-SECURE workplace.

However, the wearing of face coverings is now a personal choice and we expect everyone to be respectful of other's decisions whether to use a mask or not.

We are still operating at reduced capacity to avoid overcrowding to make everyone comfortable and still require you to pre-book a desk.


Entering the Community

  • Members are reminded that if they have knowingly been exposed to Covid-19 in the last 14 days they should not enter the space until 14 days after their exposure.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, anyone who appears unwell will be asked to leave.

  • Anyone symptomatic or has disease in their household must follow the ​NHS guidelines on self-isolation

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided and should be used as soon as you enter the lobby.

  • Please observe Health & Safety signage in the lobby and through the buildings which will be subject to change.

NHS Track and Trace:

Although this is now not a mandatory requirement, we will continue to display the NHS Test and Trace QR code poster and collect and keep a limited record of staff, customers and visitors who come onto our premises for the purpose of contact tracing. It's there if you wish to use it, it is no longer a compulsory requirement.


Cleaning and Sanitising:


  • Common areas, high-traffic areas, door handles, and light switches will be cleaned with sanitiser on a regular basis.

  • Meeting room tables and chairs, and remote controls will be cleaned after every meeting with sanitiser.

  • Enhanced cleaning regimes are in place and everyone is encouraged to sanitise their workstation each day before they leave with the cleaning products provided.

  • Additionally, members are asked to wipe down any common surface area they have touched such as the copier machine, lounge/kitchen countertops. Cleaning supplies will be provided.

  • Day Office tables and chairs will be cleaned after a member leaves the space.

  • The shower facilities are not to be used at this time.


Social Distancing:


  • Members and guests are reminded at all times and respect others’ personal space.


All members and visitors must adhere to these guidelines and accept that there is no such thing as zero risk. Common sense must prevail. 


For further information on COVID-19 and how to protect against infection, visit this ​guide​

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